Check Out Policy

  •  All students have access to the school library.

  •  Kindergarten students may have 1 book checked out at time.

  •  Grades 1-3 may have 2 books checked out at a time.

  •  Grades 4-5 may have 3 books checked out at a time.

  •  Grades 6-12 may have 4 books checked out at a time.

  •  All students are responsible for items they borrow.

  •  Items are loaned for a 2 week period and can be renewed.

  •  Materials may be denied to a student if deemed inappropriate for their


Overdue Charges and Billing Policy

  • Students will be charged for a lost or damaged book.

  • Any student with lost or damaged books worth $25.00 or more will lose

    their library borrowing privileges.

  • Bills will be removed if the overdue book is returned or replaced with the

    same book.

  • Overdue notices will be sent out at each mid-term and the end of each

    nine weeks.

  • Any overdue charges on a student’s account at the end of the school year will

    be turned into bills and added to school fees for the upcoming school


  • Seniors must have all books and library fees paid by the Friday before

    graduation in order to walk at graduation.

Playaway/Wonderbook Policy

Playaways and Wonderbooks are audio versions of books that students can listen to while reading. Thanks to grants from Academic Boosters and Hancock Wood Electric, we now have added this type of resource to our collection.

K – 5 Teachers can check out Playaways and Wonderbooks for their students.

6 – 12 students may check out Playaways and Wonderbooks at the teacher’s request.

All Playaways and Wonderbooks must remain inside Riverdale Local School and cannot be taken home.

Earbuds are not provided by the library. Each student must have their own.

Any Playaways/Wonderbooks checked out during the first semester and not returned will be billed in January. Any Playaways/Wonderbooks checked during the second semester and not returned will be billed in May.

Replacement value varies between $40.00 - $70.00 per Playaway/Wonderbook.