My name is Mrs. Shaw and I am the 9-12th grade school counselor at Riverdale High School! I am beyond excited to work with the wonderful students here. My mission is to help students become successful in however they define success. Success looks different to different people, and I hope to meet each student where they are and develop a plan to help them reach their ultimate goals.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a resource for both students and parents of Riverdale High School. Please use the links on this page to help you in finding information regarding testing, graduation, scholarship opportunities, and much more!

Contact Information:
(419)694-2211 ext. 1104

It's time to schedule for 2024-2025!!

Click here to see the course catalog for next year!

Parents and students should discuss what classes to take to follow their dreams. If you have any questions at all - please email me!


CCP Website

College Credit Plus FAQs
This will provide very basic information about the College Credit Plus option our students have available to them.

24-25 CCP Informational Presentation and Intent Form

This presentation was given on will be given on Jan 31, 2024 and pertains to the 2024-2025 school year. Parents/guardians and student who want to participate in CCP classes MUST have either attended the meeting in person, or viewed the entire presentation and completed the intent form by APRIL 1, 2024.

Graduation Requirements

Class of 2023 and beyond

Credits, Competency, and Readiness

Further details and Seal information

Long-term Requirements, 2023 and beyond


End of Course Exam Student Practice Site
Use this site for practice tests to help prepare for your testing!



All seniors have will be invited to a Canvas course with local scholarship opportunities between Thanksgiving and Christmas break!

Need a Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship? Click here!

Have you filled out your FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will connect you with money for colleges OR trade schools! Check out this website - it's a great resource to help you get started - https://www.itsforyou.org/

When you're ready to start filling it out, use this website - https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

Ready for College?

ACT Information
All juniors will be eligible to take the ACT for free through Riverdale.
This link will take you to the ACT website to register for an upcoming ACT test and check test dates and deadlines for testing outside of the school. Also, if you took the ACT at Riverdale and would like to retake it to get a better score, start here.

Still searching for a college? Start here...

Independent Colleges Guide Book This guidebook gives information on MANY independent colleges and universities in Ohio. This book is an EXCELLENT first step in the college search process. I also have hard copies of the book in my office for students to check out!

Ready to apply for college?

Common App Information

This link will take you to the Common App's homepage. Many colleges and universities use the Common App as their application for admission. Look into the college that you would like to apply to and see if this path is for you.

If you are in need of an official transcript use the link above.  Please give up to three school days for your request to be processed.

Need to visit a college?

You will use this form to request a college visit day. Be sure to have it submitted at least two days before your intended visit. 

Need to talk to Mrs. Shaw?

If you are in class, fill out an e-hall pass and check with your teacher to see if it's a good time. Or, email me and I'll get to you as soon as I can