Cafeteria News

Cafeteria News:

We have several important announcements from the cafeteria.

If you believe you qualify for free or reduced meals through the National School Lunch Program, please fill out this Free/Reduced Meal Application and turn it in by September 30th. You will need to print and return the completed application to the office. 

The USDA has extended the free meal program to include all students through December 2020. This is for all students, but if you believe you qualify for the National School Lunch Program please fill out the application so that service will be uninterrupted. 

We will offer lunches that are similar to last year, but with some new rules that we must follow. You will continue to find the menu multiple ways; the NutriSlice App found in your app store, this link Riverdale Menu, or visit the website and search “menu”.

Lastly, while we are in Hybrid learning, meals are available all 5 days of the week with a pick-up only option available on your child(ren)’s remote days and home delivery on Wednesdays! If you would like to have your child receive a lunch, you must sign up by midnight the day before the meal is being requested. To sign up click Meal Sign Up. You can also access this form on the website located on the COVID Updates page.