AR Reading Program

Readers are Leaders

Accelerated Reader is a purchased computer reading program that is used as a supplemental program to further develop reading in Riverdale students. Due to a grant funded by the Early Literacy Improvement Grant, Riverdale was able to purchase this program when we moved to the new building.

Each student takes a Star Reading test which places them in a "comfort zone." This is a reading level where a student is the most comfortable reading and allows them the maximum growth in reading. Most teachers allow their students to read on each side of their comfort zone. Books in the library, classroom and Forest Jackson Library are marked with colored dots so that the students can locate books with matching quizzes. Each quiz is worth points that are added up by the computer program as the student passes them. Rewards are given to students as they gain points. These too, are purchased with money from various sources and consist of items like flags, Popping Rockets, books, kites and a Riverdale Recognition Surprise.

Prizes are given as the children earn points from reading a book and taking the quiz on the computer for that book. Most picture books are worth 0.5 points. Beginning chapter books run from 1 to 5 points. As books become more difficult, they accumulate more points. Once a child has taken a quiz on a book, he or she cannot take that quiz again. Book Levels are determined by the vocabulary and reading content by the Renaissance Learning Company.

Riverdale has worked hard to receive its "Excellent" rating in the state. Because of this standing, we are no longer eligible for the grants that supported AR. Therefore, we are continually looking for financial support for this program.

Thank you for your continued support as parents for the work you do in encouraging your child in reading. Hopefully this is an enjoyable time for all.

We would like to thank Forest Jackson Library, Academic Boosters and Hempy Water for their continued support of our AR program.