School Building

Riverdale Parents, Students, and Community:

Let me start off by thanking everyone for your patience and support throughout the school reopen planning process. The support has been overwhelming!

Through a county wide collaborative effort, we have developed an agreement for returning to school. In this agreement we have six common principles:

  1. School districts recognize the need for consistency in areas of operations while  recognizing that individual differences in classroom sizes, school facilities, and building procedures may lead to some inconsistencies.  
  2. Each school district will implement recommended safety protocols to the highest degree possible.

  3. Each school district will work closely with Hancock Public Health to promote safety in each school building. 

  4. Each school district will be transparent with all stakeholders that some level of risk will continuously be present when students and school district employees use school district facilities. 

  5. School districts will strongly encourage daily symptom checks for staff, caregivers, and students at home, prior to coming to school. All staff and students who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will stay home and are strongly recommended to be tested as soon as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

  6. Each school district will collaborate with Hancock Public Health’s work in contract tracing.   

You can find more information by clicking on Hancock County/Findlay City Schools/Hancock Public Health Common Reopening Agreement. Please read through this document. It is the  framework for our reopening plan. On Friday our reopening plan will be released including information on educational options.

Again, thank you for your resounding support!


Jeff Young