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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Questions

Chapter 1

Summarize briefly Huck’s review of the end of Tom Sawyer’s story.
2)  Who is actually more irritating to Huck than the widow?
3)  What omen does Huck receive that the adventures beginning may be bad or dangerous?
4)  Why doesn’t Huck care about “Moses and the Bulrushers”?
5)  Why does Huck decide he wants to go to the bad place?

Chapter 2

Where does Tom take Huck and their friends?
7)  Who does Huck offer as his “family” that may be killed if he should ever reveal the secrets of the gang?
8)  What does it mean to “ransom” the captives?
9)  How does Jim account for his hat being hung on a tree limb and the nickel being left on the table?

Chapter 3

Whose idea of Providence does Huck prefer?
11) What has become of Huck’s father?
12) What happens to the gang of robbers?
13) Contrast Huck’s character with Tom’s.

Chapter 4

14) Whose tracks does Huck recognize in the snow?
15) Why does Huck want Judge Thatcher to take all his money?
16) Does Judge Thatcher understand the situation?
17) What is a hairball and what properties does it have?
18) What does Jim say that the hairball tells him?
19) What does Huck find when he returns to his room?

Chapter 5

What has Huck’s father come for?
21) What is Pap’s “new life” and how long does it last?
22) What kind of man is Huck’s father? What would he be called today? How does Huck react to him?

Chapter 6

1) What makes Huck begin to want to go to school?

2) What does Pap do?

3) When Pap got drunk, what was his favorite subject to cuss about?


Chapter 7

4) What does the “June rise” of the river float down to Huck?

5) What does he do with it?

6) Why does Huck wish Tom Sawyer were with him?

7) What is the purpose of killing the pig and leaving the bloody ax?

Chapter 8

8) Where does Huck go when he escapes from his father?

9)  How does he get there?
10) Why are the loaves of bread floated out over the water?

11) How long is Huck on the island before he realizes that somebody else is there too?
12) What does“There warn’t much sand in my craw” mean?

13) Who is the man who has been living on the island?

14) Why has Jim run away?

15) Why is Jim afraid of Huck at first?

16) What are some of the superstitions mentioned in this chapter?

Chapter 9

17)What superior abode do Huck and Jim find on the island?

18) Was Jim right about the birds’ flight portending rain?

19) Does Huck enjoy hiding out on the island in the cave?

20) What 2 important things does the river float down to Huck and Jim?

Chapter 10

What does the title of the chapter indicate to you?

22) What is “One of the carlessest and foolishest things a body can do”?

23) What is the logical explanation for the superstition that handling a snake will bring bad luck?

Chapter 11

What are the rumors in town about Huck’s disappearance?

2) Why does the woman ask Huck to throw a lead bar at the rats?

3) What other trick does the woman use to find out Huck’s true identity?

Chapter 12

What does the title of the chapter mean?

5) Why do Bill and Jake want Jim Turner dead?

6) What is Jake’s objection to killing Turner?

7) Do you think Huck is essentially a moral and honorable person? Why or why not?

Chapter 13

Why does Huck make up the story he tells to the ferryboat man?

9) Why does Huck want the robbers rescued?

10) What does Huck mean when he says, “rapscallions and dead-beats is the kind the widow and good people takes the most interest in”?

Chapter 14

What is the purpose of this chapter?

Chapter 15

What is a towhead?

13) How do Huck and Jim become separated?

14) What trick does Huck play on Jim?

15) What is the result of the trick?

Chapter 16

What plan do Huck and Jim have?

2) What bothers Huck as they near the point where Jim will be free?

3) What is Jim’s dream?

4) What do Huck and Jim plan to do with the money they get from the two men?

5) Whydon’t they follow this plan?

6) Whatdo they believe caused their bad luck?

7) Is Jim bitter toward Huck for causing the bad luck?

8) What happens to separate Jim and Huck again?

9) What is the irony in Huck’s thinking about Jim saying he would steal his children if he had to?

Chapter 17

What do theGrangerfords first think of Huck?

11) What problem does Huck have when he wakes up in the morning at the Grangerford house?

12) What kind of people are the Grangerfords? Are they just feuding hillbillies or something more?

13) What is the purpose of the long passages describing the Grangerford house and family?

Chapter 18

14) What does Huck find in the spot where he is told he will see “a whole stack o’water-moccasins”?

15) Why didn’t Jack just tell Huck Jim was there?

16) What causesHuck to decide to leave the Grangerfords? Would he have had trouble making up his mind to leave otherwise?
17)  What brings the feud to a boiling point?


Chapter 19


18) How do Huck and Jim arrange their traveling during this time?

19) What had the two fugitives been doing to get into trouble?

20) What is a temperance revival?

21) Who do the two men say they are?

22) What is the result of the claims of the two men?

Chapter 20


23) How does Huck convince the men that Jim is not a runaway slave?

24) How does the duke arrange things so they can travel in the daytime?


Chapter 21


1) What plans do the king and the duke have to get money?

2) What names do the king and the duke assume for their theatre?


Chapter 22


3) Why does the duke decide to change the kind of show they will put on?

4) Why does the sign saying “Ladies and Children Not Admitted” bring in a good audience?


Chapter 23


5) What does Huck think of kings?

6) Is Huck’s history at all accurate? How do you know?

7) What is Jim’s frequent kindness to Huck?

8) What is the cause of Jim’s mourning?

Chapter 24


9) How does the duke arrange things so that Jim doesn’t have to lie in the wigwam all day to avoid being thought a runaway slave?

10) Where does the king get the information he needs to swindle the girls?

Chapter 25

11) Who are the three Wilks sisters?

12) Do the king and the duke have any trouble convincing the people they are Peter Wilks’ brothers?

13) What is a flapdoodle?

14) Why do the king and the duke add $415 of their own money to that hidden in the cellar?

15) What do the king and the duke do which seems to confirm beyond doubt that they are the girls’ uncles? 

Chapter 26


1) Why doesn’t Joanna eat at the table with the others?

2) What makes Huck want to help the three sisters?

3) Who is the only other person in town who doesn’t believe the king and duke are the real relatives?

4) How does Huck find out where the king and the duke have hidden the money?

5) How is it that they have this money in their possession, since they had given it to the girls?

6) Where is the money hidden?

Chapter 27


7) Where does Huck hide the money after he takes it from the king’s room?

8) What upsets the girls in the settling of the estate?

Chapter 28

9) Why does Huck reveal the plot to Mary Jane?

10) What is Huck’s plan?

11) What proof can she use that the two men are dishonest?

Chapter 29


12) What went wrong with Huck’s plan to get away?

13) How do the king and the duke behave?

14) What had delayed them?

Chapter 30


15) How do Huck, the king, and the duke get away from the crowd when Peter Wilks’ body is uncovered?

16) What saves Huck from being accused by the king and the duke of stealing money?

Chapter 31


1) How had Jim been captured?

2) What does Huck tell the duke when he sees him the next day?

3) Does the duke tell Huck the truth about Jim’s whereabouts?

4) What is the moral problem confronting Huck in this chapter?


Chapter 32


5) How is Tom almost trapped into telling Aunt Sally that he isn’t who she thinks he is?

6) How does he avoid this?

7) What makes Aunt Sally assume he is Tom Sawyer?

Chapter 33


8) What does Tom think when he sees Huck on the road?

9) Who do they say the real Tom is?

10) What happens to the king and the duke?

Chapter 34

11) Who finds out where Jim is?

12) What clues does he recognize?

13) What does Tom think is wrong with Huck’s plan for helping Jim escape?

Chapter 35


14) Why do Huck and Tom have to make up so many of their own difficulties in helping Jim escape?

15) What are some of the things that must be done by and for the prisoner before he can escape?

Chapter 36


1) What is letting on? 

2) Why is letting on important in this chapter?


Chapter 37


3) What does Aunt Sally miss from her household that nearly reveals the plot?

Chapter 38


4) Why does Jim have to make the inscription on the wall?

5) What does smouchedmean?

6) What begins to be ironic about the plans?

Chapter 39


7) How long does it take to get everything well arranged for a proper prisoner?

8) What are “Nonnamous Letters”?

9) Why is Aunt Sally getting so nervous?

Chapter 40


1) What makes Huck begin to think something has gone wrong when Aunt Sally catches him in the cellar?

2) What do Tom and Huck do to confuse her completely?

3) Is Tom alarmed to hear about the farmers?

4) Why aren’t the dogs any help in finding the runaway and the boys?

5) What spoils the getaway?


Chapter 41


6) What do the farmers and their wives think has been causing all the mischief around the plantation?

7) Does Aunt Sally begin to suspect that the boys had a hand in it?

8) What makes Huck feel bad about his part in deceiving AuntSally?

9) Why doesn’t he obey her and stay in his room as he had promised?


Chapter 42


10) What does the title of this chapter tell you immediately?

11) What makes the crowd feel more lenient toward Jim?

12) How does the truth about the episode come out?

13) Why had Tom thought Jim would be freed?

14) Why does Aunt Polly arrive?

15) Why had it been possible for Tom to break the law by helping a runaway slave to escape?

Chapter the Last


16) What had Tom planned for Jim? 

17) What does Tom do for Jim to make up for all the trouble of being a prisoner?

18) Why does Huck think he can’t go on adventures in the Indian territory?

19) What does he learn from Tom about his money and from Jim about his father?

20) What are Huck’s plans for the future?


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