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Levy Q&A
Levy Q&A

In an effort to better communicate with all stakeholders in the Riverdale Community, we are creating a link on our web-page to receive and post levy questions from the community. Please send the questions via email to ehoffman@riverdale.k12.oh.us and I will post the questions and answers with the information available to us. Individual personnel questions cannot be posted on the web. 

Did you know:


We have the best Test scores in the County


We have been fiscally responsible by cutting over $1,000,000 the last 3 years due the economic conditions


Help us Keep the Falcon Pride




What is the school doing to save money on its energy costs?

We have done an energy upgrade (boilers, chillers, lights sensors, heat sensors and sealing up building) with a company called H.E.A.T, and we saveover $100,000 the first year and hope to save around $180,000 during 2011-12.


How much does the Parent notification call to parents on calamity days cost?

           The annual fee is $1.00 per student and our enrollment is around a 1000 students, so the total cost is $1000 a year.


How much and why does the school participate in a random drug test for all students involved in activities in grades 7-12?

 The cost is $27 for each random or a total of around $4000 a year for students. We also spend around $300 for bus drivers and $300 for all staff other than teachers. After a positive test we try to get the person help with their drug problem. Drugs are a growing problem in society and we feel the dollars spent are a good investment in keeping our students, staff, and school drug free.


What cuts other than staff has the school district made?

           We have eliminated one bus route, cut all summer workers, and drastically cut instructional supplies. We have also cut our services that we purchase from the Hardin County Educational Service Center. Most field trips have been eliminated and we have not offered as many extended days to teachers and supplemental contracts.


Is the school nurse employed full time?

           She is here five days and week and we purchase her services from the Kenton Hardin Health Department.


Who takes care of discipline?

           We have one principal for grades K-5 and one principal for grades 6-12. We have one assistant principal for grades k-12 and he takes care of the majority of discipline during the school day, from the school buses, and all school events.


How many aides are employed by the district?

           We had eight but due to the recent round of cuts, we now only have five.


Why are you considering cutting the Librarian position?

           We use to have two certified librarians and one aide in the library. We then went to one certified librarian and two aides. Beginning on (4/4/11) we have one certified librarian and one aide.


Does the school really save money on retire/rehire employees?

           All retire/rehire staff come in at a lower salary and less benefits which saves the district money. Also, Riverdale Local Schools only pays their salary and their retirement income comes from State Teachers Retirement System.


How much is the state cutting Riverdale in the latest round of the new budget?

           From the latest numbers, our State funding will be cut $234,370 and our Federal money will be cut $291,031 or a total of $525,401 for 2011-12 school year



What tax is the school asking for and how much will it cost?

           We are asking the voters to approve a ½% (.5%) income tax. A tax payer would pay on their adjusted gross. For example if you had a gross income of $40,000 and $10,000 worth of deductions, a person would pay1/2% on the $30,000 or $150.


What will the money be used for?

           The money generated will go to the general fund. Monies in the general fund can be used for: Classroom supplies, textbooks, utilities, building & grounds/maintenance, technology updates, current and future staffing needs, intervention & instructional needs, and professional development.


How long will the tax run?

           The tax will be collected for three (3) years and begin on January 1, 2012 and run through December 31, 2014.


What has caused the district to run out of money?

           Our funding has been flat with costs continuing to rise. All areas of the general fund have increased over the last few years.


Have you already cut staff?

           Over the past three (3) years we have cut 20 staff positions or roughly 14% of our workforce.


Have you cut any sports/coaching positions?

               We are looking at not filling 18 coaching/music/advisors for 2011-2012. $40,000 savings.


Have you cut any cafeteria positions?

           Currently the cafeteria is paying all of the cooks salary and fringe benefits through the cafeteria receipts from lunch and breakfast. 



Please Remember:


We have the best Test scores in the County


We have been fiscally responsible by cutting over $1,000,000 the last 3 years due the economic conditions


Help us Keep the Falcon Pride

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